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Sticking brake pedal.

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Sticking brake pedal.

Postby darrenwgaransi+ » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:26 am

I guess my 1993 XJ6 is seeking its monthly installment of repair funds. I am experiencing a sticking brake pedal, either when I press the pedal after not pressing it for a minute or so, or when I hold the pedal down at a long traffic light. I have to depress it further to get it to release. There’s also a mechanical sound transmitted to the pedal when it unsticks-similar to the sound after the initial start up ABS test. Does anyone have any ideas which part I will be replacing next? There are no brake or ABS lights illuminated and the ABS self check works fine.
Darren W. Garansi
1993 XJ6, 4.0

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