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The resurrection? (it will be slow)

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The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby greggmay » Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:32 pm

Right, having introduced myself and my latest acquisition, I shall start this fresh thread hopefully to vaguely catalogue the trials and tribulations of firstly getting it running again and secondly deciding what to do with the copious amounts of rust.....

Here goes....

The car is a non-runner, it's been off the road since 2012 by the looks of the paperwork and during this time of rest it was clearly languishing in something akin to a tropical rainforest (well the Scottish version of at least).

The reasons for the lack of noise from the engine bay commence with a failed starter, at least that is the diagnosis of the previous owner. The job of its removal was already under way. I did try to crank the engine, this was met by a loud click from the solenoid and little else. Well actually it was also met by faint dripping and the smell of petrol as the o/s intake manifold and fuel rail is also removed (a failed starter access attempt is my guess). At least I now know the fuel pump works.

Time to get it up in the air. The difficult job of dropping the o/s exhaust down-pipe out of the way had also been completed, which saved an amount of rust in my eyes but the starter was still bolted in and wired up. The power wire was the worst to remove, the nut seized solid and twisting the whole stud in the solenoid. I cut the side out of the nut and a sharp tap with a punch later, it came undone. The bolts were then removed and the starter extricated from under the car.

The starter does spin-up ok on the bench when hooked up to a battery, but does scream louder than a hen party at a horror movie, clearly all is not well. A starter recon is on the cards.

The engine does at least turn over by hand, a large spanner on the crank pulley proving that it at least is not stuck solid.

Thats all to report at the moment, other than the rust looks no better when viewed for a second time, it does however look like it is reasonably localised (he says, only because he hasn't looked any further....)

I may even be able to add some pictures next time

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Re: The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby naki_k » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:23 am

Good luck with it Gregg. It will be a move car when it’s done.
I can help with parts if required.
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Re: The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby greggmay » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:08 pm

Thanks naki_k, there will definitely be a list.

Starter is away having an overhaul, hopefully back early next week.

A more insightful look over the car has now taken place :?. Decision is that if it runs well when I get the engine bits back together then I'm pretty sure the project is on!

Floors are rough on the outer edges (expected), sills are scrap (as expected), rear scuttle has disintegrated, front bulkhead is slightly grotty (probably no worse than my 4.0 was back in 2003), 'A' post is hilariously rusty and the bootlid is pretty poor too, and dented. On the positive side the arches are all good, as are the doors, bonnet, boot floor and inner front wings. Also, being a non-sunroof car, that hasn't gone rusty either! Some spending will be needed to sort the tin-worm....

The interior, whilst mostly good has suffered in areas. The headlining is obviously doing it's deflated hot air balloon bit, the carpets are mouldy from years of damp outdoor storage, the seat leather has all of the humidity of the Sahara and unfortunately the veneer is wrecked on the centre console. Parts required here....

I'll keep you posted.....
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Re: The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby katar83 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:51 am

I'm going to be honest here. You'd have to be tony bmw to fix this car or possibly part ways with your F-Pace to finance it :lol:

The only reasonable way to fix damage like this, that doesn't involve an arm and a leg, is another car that can provide you with spare cut out panels for some of the tin worm that you have pictured in your other thread, otherwise its completely impractical or very expensive tbh :roll: This of course might still require one of your kidneys, unless you could do a lot of work yourself which can be great fun(as I'm restoring a similarly rotten car) but free time(or other cars) is always an issue.

On the other hand might always be good fun to drive it around as it is for some time. I'm sure it could be MOTed inexpensively(read required bodywork botched) if needed. You wouldn't be able to drive it in rain without a very large umbrella though but that's not the end of the world.
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Re: The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby greggmay » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:42 pm

A bit of progress.....

Katar83, I totally get where you are coming from, it really does look like it may not be worth saving, however I will be doing all of the work myself thus negating the majority of the labour cost. As you suggest, time will be the other major enemy, it will not be a quick fix. I have other projects and cars to keep on top of as well as a couple of very large rebuilds all in the queue. My inability to compromise on quality will also add considerably to the time taken.....

I had the original starter rebuilt at Curds in Tunbridge Wells, it came back to me last week. Yesterday I fitted it all back up, checking for cranking (it did) before I put the rest back together. The moment of truth was not far away.... I fully charged the battery, cranked some oil pressure into it and went for a start. It fired instantly :D . The fuel smells like it shouldn't burn yet clearly does, and the exhaust deposited enormous amounts of detritus all over the floor, but there was a full compliment of cylinders immediately. It ran up to temperature and both thermostats opened.

All appeared well until oil poured out of the cooler all over the inside of the front valance. By the looks of it the dirt packed into the oil cooler has corroded the core to the point it leaks quite badly. The next step therefore is to remove the valance and get at the cooler, I'm guessing it won't come off without a fight....

I even took a couple of pictures after I gave it a quick wash.

Amazing what some carefully chosen angles and a crappy backdrop can do to make a car look better than it really is...


And one with ChrisW's old (and now quite dusty) Range Rover too....


Having run it up and taken it for a quick trip up the drive to my workshop, the only lights left on the dash were the bulb failure (n/s/r light cluster full of water and heavily corroded) and the washer bottle level (genuinely only a lack of screen wash), even the ABS system seems to function.

Proper bodywork assessment comes next, then pick a start point and get going.... I think that it may be wise to replace the bootlid, it will be quicker than repairing it. I shall probably fabricate the 'A' post repairs and perhaps the rear scuttle too unless there is a panel available. This will be the time consuming bit.

Bye for now
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Re: The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby ChrisW » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:12 pm

Its going to be a really handsome car when its done. Great that the engine runs. Having taken mine out yesterday I would say any V12 is definitely worth saving. They do go well.

Really pleased to see the old rangie up high on its EAS, those chunky alloys suit it.
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Re: The resurrection? (it will be slow)

Postby panarabica » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:06 pm

How is the work getting along? Please post some pictures on the progress, always great to see how people get their v12 back on the road.

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