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2010 XJtype - TPMS question

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2010 XJtype - TPMS question

Postby Paul0188 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:16 pm

Hi folks, I am new here. And I feel that I could have registered at the wrong forum. Because I do have the XJ, yet it is not the XJ40, but a newer model (it is 2010).
Seems like Google gave me some wrong result haha
Anyways, since as I am already here and I have already taken some steps to become one of you, let me please ask you folks something. That is not really XJ-specific, kinda technical question. I've got TPMS sensors on board, and I thought of installing a set of low-profile wheels on my Jaguar. Now, I was wondering, if the OE sensors from Jaguar will work okay? Or the low-profile wheels require a different sort of TPMS sensors?
If you folks happen to know, please post back.

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Re: 2010 XJtype - TPMS question

Postby Paul0188 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:20 pm

And here is a picture of the XJ on low-profile wheels, I do not really like those flat and wide spokes, yet the diameter seems to be right.
Picture source - link.

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Re: 2010 XJtype - TPMS question

Postby Starbuck » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:49 am

Hi Paul,

Short answer - in theory the TPMS should work with different wheels and tyres fitted - with certain caveats.

Long answer - As far as I am aware all current (which would include your 2010) TPMS systems pick up differences in rolling diameter using anti-lock brake/dynamic stability control wheel speed sensors. As the tyre pressure drops, the rolling diameter of the tyre changes and there are more revolutions per mile as a result. If one wheel does this more markedly than the other three, the TPMS system flags that wheel.

Passenger TPMS isn't actually monitoring tyre pressure as such, but wheel speed as an indicator of tyre pressure.

Theoretically the factory system should work with any wheel/tyre combination as long as front and rear rolling diameters are within the allowed tolerance - i.e. if the car was originally set up with the same rolling diameter front and rear, you can't put a wheel and tyre combination on the car that means there is a difference between the front and rear rolling diameter.

Where the system might have a problem with ultra-low profile tyres, is that there is a tolerance before the TPMS 'flags' a wheel. This means the pressure must drop enough that difference between wheel speeds triggers the system. With very low profile tyres this would represent quite a bit more of sidewall height as a percentage, and you could potentially end up with low pressure running damage before the system flags the wheel.

If this is a problem it isn't just a matter of fitting different wheel sensors, but of changing the programming in the vehicle module responsible for the TPMS function (usually the anti-lock braking/dynamic stability control module).

The wheel and tyre manufacturer, or Jaguar, should be able to tell you if this will be an issue with the wheel/tyre combination you want to fit to your specific vehicle.

Good hunting,


P.S. Lots of members on here with Jaguars other than/in addition to XJ40s. Hang around, you never know, you might decide you want a '40 too ;)
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