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1990 Majestic No Start and...?

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1990 Majestic No Start and...?

Postby Roger90 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:55 pm

Hi everyone, for the first time in 15 years of continuous Jaguar ownership I have a no start situation at 98,898 miles.
Monday evening my 1990 Majestic crapped out. I had the car put on the rescue truck and delivered to my driveway.
What I found, what I did;
1. No fuel in the fuel rail. I replaced the the fuel pump with a Denso 951-9002 (bought for replacement a little later along with filter).
2. Replaced the crankshaft position sensor with a new one I had, (spliced in the old plug)
3. In order to "easily" replace the CPS I removed the SLS valve block, pump and plumbing.

Barely started, idled decently, wouldn't accelerate, shut it down, wouldn't restart. DTCs 29, 44.
Yesterday removed neg. terminal from battery, started after a few turns, fast idle (800 RPM), wouldn't accelerate and died when I pressed the accelerator.
DTC 14 - connector was loose re-attached, cleared DTC and no restart.

Where to look; any ideas? The car ran fine before all of this trouble.
I have the workshop DVD and will start at the beginning of diagnostics, to be sure any possibilities are greatly appreciated.


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