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new parts fitted today

Brake buster
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new parts fitted today

Postby Brake buster » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:13 pm

after my episode of dying batteries, the fault was traced to the diode pack on the alternator , can't complain , its 23 years old and done its job

so a new alternator was fitted today , quite a simple task , if a little awkward at times, airbox was removed for easier elbow room , and i had to remove the fixing bolts for the fan cowl to wiggle it out of the way to allow the bottom alternator bolt to be pulled out,

while i was there........

here we go

i fitted a new oil pressure sender unit to the side of the block, access is near impossible , but as the alternator was out, i could get my arm in under the pipes for the pump and get a 19mm spanner onto the back nut and remove, fitting the new one was easier than removing the old one, and the copper washer made a nice seal ,

all put back together now and she fired on the button , and making good volts ( around 14-15 ) , and good oil pressure

while i was there..........

here we go again

i thought i would try and inspect the exhaust manifolds, which condition was unknown to me , so i tentatively tried to remove the heatshelid ( polished chrome part ) 13mm fixing bolts, they all cam undone with zero issues , removal of this cover revealed the exhaust manifolds, and , appeared to be in perfect condition with zero evidence of cracking, great news, closer inspection highlights one undone manifold nut, which was wound right to the end of the thread, hmm , got the 17mm wench on it and it did up smoothly and tight , there was some 'sooty marks ' on the block in this area , so hopefully this will eliminate that, and she did sound less ' puffy ' when i started her again

a good weekend of maintenance

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