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changed the transmission fluid and filter on my '40

Brake buster
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changed the transmission fluid and filter on my '40

Postby Brake buster » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:55 pm

i have a '94 3.2s , with the non electronic box ( ZF4HP22 )

the fluid was very grey , but the box seemed to be working fine,

but me being me, i obtained the new parts required, transmission fluid , filter and sump pan seal ,

safely jacked and supported the car from the drivers side, undid the filler tube union with a proper large fluid tray underneath , 2.5 litres came out ( measured it ) , removed the six retaining clamps with the use of a 10mm socket, and dropped the pan , removed the filter with a tort bit , x3 long bolts hold the filter

wiped round the exposed valves with a clean cloth to remove any remaining fluid and grey film on the surface, cleaned up the sump and magnets, got the new filter, lubricated the O ring and fixed in place with the x3 long torx bolts, placed new sump seal on sump and offered up to gearbox body , then by hand put in each of the sump clamps, be careful as x2 are different as they have straight holders, the others are four the corners, fitted them all by hand, then went round them about six times gently tightening until tight , but not pinching the seal , put the filler tube back on and tightened the union

then dropped the car to the floor and put oil 2.5 litres of new ATF ,( same as i took out ) , and turned on the car and cycled the gears to pick up the fluid,

will take her for a drive tomorrow and then check and fill if required
took just over an hour

IMG_3482 by MyPix on Talk Photography

IMG_3484 by MyPix on Talk Photography

IMG_3486 by MyPix on Talk Photography

IMG_3489 by MyPix on Talk Photography

didn't take many pics as its very messy , lol

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Re: changed the transmission fluid and filter on my '40

Postby katar83 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:56 pm

Well worth it if you can do it yourself, otherwise a garage will charge ~£150 for this job.

There is obviously ~8l of oil in there as far as I remember so if you really want to swap the old oil, change it few more times every 500 miles or so.
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