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Spongy brakes and question re:accumulator test

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Spongy brakes and question re:accumulator test

Postby XJ6Paul » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:39 pm


The brakes on my 1994 XJ12 are a bit spongy, and don't give me a lot of confidence. The car sat (indoors) for a few months while I was working on other projects so I don't know if that has contributed. I'm not getting any warning lights or codes, the fluid level is good and pads have meat on them still. But the car seems to struggle to come to a full stop and therefore I haven't taken it for a full drive yet.

I've seen a few variations of the accumulator test. I turned my ignition on and listened to the pump until it stopped running. I turned off the ignition and then began pressing the brake pedal. I got close to 40 pumps before it suddenly turned very hard. Is this a proper way to test it?

Any thoughts? I'm probably going to start with bleeding them and/or a fluid flush. Also, was there a successor or supplement to the S73 power hydraulic guide? That has a 1992 copyright. My SLS has been replaced with standard rear shocks, but there may still be some value in reading any supplement that exists.

1994 Jaguar XJ12