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**JDHT Veneers**

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**JDHT Veneers**

Postby j_r » Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:27 pm

Here we go, I have spoken to Glen at the JDHT and he has replacement door veneers for the 3.2/4.0S cars
being the birds eye maple in rosewood he has 22 sets at £44.06 a set :!: :!: and the Ski Slope ashtray and ashtray surround for £65.95 :!: :!: , I've ordered mine......
Also they have 3 sets of matchwood inlayed walnut £89 a set.

They can be contacted on 01865 381193 ask for Glen, if you do ring just mention XJ40.com.

Happy Shopping

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