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Bumper reflectors/reflex units for sale

Listing of rare XJ40 parts and where to find them
Brake buster
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Bumper reflectors/reflex units for sale

Postby Brake buster » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:22 pm

i have a full set of bumper reflectors ( reflex units ) for the XJ40 ,

these are two different part numbers as the reflectors are ' angled ' by design , front right and back left, front left and back right , is how they are sold

all 4 are in fantastic condition with little if any fading, and NO crazing to the clear plastic ,

IMG_2258 by MyPix on Talk Photography

all locating tabs intact, very easy to swap out to make your car look that little ' fresher '

looking for £10 each or £18 for a matched pair , £35 for the lot of 4

1994 3.2S in Morocco red and Doeskin/Ruby red interior
1989 V12 XJS White with Mulberry interior
2004 2.1 X-Type Platinum with Champagne Leather interior

previously ,
1999 V8 Sovereign in Seafrost with Oatmeal and Antelope interior

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