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Starter Removal by XJR Twin Turbo

How to do all those tricky XJ40 repairs
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Starter Removal by XJR Twin Turbo

Postby j_r » Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:07 pm

Hello again.

Just though I would post this quick guide up, I tried all the different things suggested and this was by far the simplest, quickest and easiest.

I did this on a 2 poster ramp, but I have written the guide by using jacks, as its exactly the same.
This is a 2 person job, the 2nd person just needs to steady the extension bars.

Couple of things to do before you start.
a) Check its the starter thats faulty not the wiring / relays.
b) If your 100% sure its the starter, the most important thing to do is to remove the battery wires!!!

1.) Raise the car by means of jacks etc, and place on stands. The higher the better.
2.) Place a jack under the transmission mounting.
3.) Remove the four 13mm bolts holding the mounting plate to the body.
4.) Lower the end of transmission and remove the jack. (You do not need to remove fluids / dipstick tubes etc)
5.) Undo the two 10mm bolts holding the shifter cable bracket to the trans, and undo the 10mm nut holding the cable to the mechanism.
6.) Move the cable out the way.
7.) Get a 13mm socket, thin walled, preferably not a multi-position socket on the top bolt holding the starter.
8.) Using some wobble extension bars attach them to the socket.
9.) You need to add bars until you get to the rear of the transmission.
10.) Get someone to steady the bars by the bellhousing, whilst you hit the end of the extension bars to ensure the socket is firmly seated on the bolt.
11.) Try to undo the bolt, it will be incredibly tight, tighter than you could think possible!! (This is the point where your assistant really needs to make sure the bars / socket do not move).
12.) Hopefully it will have cracked and you can undo it easier now.
13.) Once you have the bolt out, put it somewhere safe!
14.) Undo the lower bolt holding on the starter. You will need the same socket and about a 4" extension bar.
15.) This will also be incredibly tight.
16.) The starter should be free, but will without a doubt be stuck in position.
17.) You will need a strong screwdriver or a pry bar and wedge it betweem the starter and the engine block and pull!
18.) The starter should come away, but might need further persuassion.
19.) Next you need to undo the connector for the solonoid trigger wire, its got two clips and pulls away, the connector is half way up the wire.
20.) Now undo the starter battery feed. This is a 13mm nut, be careful not to spin the contact in the solonoid.
21.) All you have to do now is bring the starter towards the front of the engine, and it will fit between the dipstick and the subframe.
22.) To pull it through will require wiggling, twisting and pulling.

That covers it!!
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