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Bleeding XJ40 Brakes by Fred

How to do all those tricky XJ40 repairs
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Bleeding XJ40 Brakes by Fred

Postby j_r » Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:19 pm

This tech tip came from Fred of the Red Rose region of the JEC

"Bleeding brakes on 1989-1994 model xj40.
Start on the right rear then on the left rear. Then right front and on the left front.
When bleeding these brakes you can bleed the front ones in the normal way, but at the rear it is easier to connect a bleed hose to the nipple and have an assistant, hold the pedal down with the ignition on, the electric motor in the system will then pump the fluid through for you."

Expanding on this after fitting new discs calipers hoses etc to my car and after what I thought was bleeding the brakes (the normal method) I found on the drive home the brake pedal got lower and lower until as I pulled up on the drive I had virtuley no brakes at all

As Fred's tip, they dont respond to normal bleeding as the XJ40 has power brakes which use this different method of bleeding.
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