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Quad Relay Repair by Norman

How to do all those tricky XJ40 repairs
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Quad Relay Repair by Norman

Postby j_r » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:18 pm

For some reason, quad relay DBC10009 seems to fail often and there also appears to be a shortage of replacement units as they pop up very rarely on the bay. This unit serves

“Auxiliary positive”, Sidelight positive”, Auxiliary sidelight” and “Cigar lighter”

However, there is a simple solution to this problem. The other quad relays can be had on the bay for a few quid and their internals can be easily cannibalised to repair a failing DBC10009. (or any other quad relay for that matter)

The DBC10009 looks like this inside.


A DBC10193 for example, looks like this inside.


The relays, resistors and diodes used in each unit are the same and any malfunctioning component from one can be replaced by one from the other.


The soldered components, however, need to be de-soldered and to do this you need a special tool, a de-solderer or solder sucker, pictured below. Just heat the joint with a soldering iron and when it is nice and molten suck the solder into the spring loaded de-solderer. The component can then be prised loose to be used on the other quad board.

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