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Number Plate Photos

Meeting room
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Number Plate Photos

Postby Aidan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:35 pm

I thought I'd start a separate thread for this so as not to hi-jack the "Spotted Today" posts. If anyone has further comments to make on this, I think is a better place to do it.

My two pennies worth is that it seems as if there are two camps of people regarding having their car's or other people's cars' reg numbers captured in a photo. One group, like me, doesn't seem to care, seeing a car used in public and snapped in public as not being a privacy issue at all. The other group does have an issue with reg numbers appearing on the internet. I personally don't have a Facebook account and don't use Twitter, but I do respect people's privacy in a private setting - in fact I think we could do with more respect for privacy generally. However a car being driven on a public road for all to see is not in a private setting. You wouldn't behave in a car in the same way you would "at home" and expect people to treat such behaviour as private - or you might hope they do but that would be wishful thinking to say the least. So cars in public are in public view.

I certainly did not know about ways that criminals might acquire your address, so thank you to SovverBovver and Babulio for that information. Should that stop XJ40 organising meetings and posting pictures of member's cars on this forum, or even on youtube in case a criminal does the dirty? I hope not, because if it did, that would be an avenue of pleasure for many which was openend by the good people on the internet, being closed down because of the potential threat posed by bad people. That'd be really sad, don't you think? I also don't know how many crimes have been committed by criminals in the ways mentioned. Is it a really serious problem or just a possible avenue that could be used by criminals - any figures available for this type of crime? I don't know what's involved in blurring out reg. numbers on a photo before/during posting them but it's likely to be so much of a faff that the person who's happy to snap and upload a bunch of pics of a meeting just might not bother anymore.

Personally I think if you are in a public setting such as a car show, or on the M25 etc. you shouldn't be concerned about privacy concerns of that sort since you'd be behaving accordingly. The points about criminal use of such info are well made and worth consideration as I said above, but I think they're able to be assessed by each person individually, based on his or her personal attitude to risk. Some won't take the risk of going to XJ40 meetings, for example, while others will, and most on here will enjoy ogling the delights of our favourite cars in their glory as they appear on this site. Each attitude is an understandble one to take, I think. But those of us who do go to meetings - and if I ever have a Jag worth showing, I shall go to meetings, promise! - do respet others' privacy as much as others, it's just that we don't see posting pictures of a car show held in public, or a rare car seen on a public road, as being a privacy issue.

Any further thoughts?

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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby Elsa_jag » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:16 pm

I avoided commenting on the spotted thread as it was just killing the spirit of it.

But as we've started a seperate conversation... ;)

I think the whole privacy thing in relation to a reg number shown on the Internet is nonsense.

A few hundred (if we're lucky) enthusiasts will see the images we post in 'spotted'.

Probably thousands of people saw that XJ on the M6 at the weekend.

Difference being, no one cared on the M6. We quite enjoyed seeing proof that people still use these cars for something other than justification for having a garage!

Privacy is a subject that I find really interesting in the wider context, why are people so bothered about it, and why do those who are that bothered or upset about it all even bother with an Internet connection?

The real dodgy sorts that are invading our privacy are the big companies like face book and Google who regardless of your privacy settings 'steal' our personal information and web history and purchase history over and over again. Only a fool would think they could avoid this when they take to the Internet.

As with the previous post and no doubt the next post, this is just one persons opinion, and I value the opinion of others as much as my own. So those who don't want their car posted or spotted should have their privacy respected. But reality is the only way to guarantee that privacy is to lock the car away and never use it!

This sort of conversation (in my experience) gets heated very quickly and will likely get shut down, but to those about to get really upset with me for not valuing my own privacy, I ask 'what have you got to hide?'
Regards, Carl

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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby Aidan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:58 pm

Hi Elsa_jag,

No heated replies expected on this one. It's just a topic of interest that didn't really exist prior to the internet, as far as I'm aware.
I agree with you on this and feel that you're correct about the large info corps harvesting our information.
Life is getting too restricted by the thought that some people could do one harm. The internet was supposed to facilitate some manner of personal freedom and I for one don't want to lose that.
Yes, a bad thing might happen, but I don't want to keep shrinking my personal experiences on the never never that something bad may happen.
While growing up, we had two cars stolen from outside our house in the days before the internet was even a thing. One we'd owned for about a week - didn't even have a chance to take a picture of it :x
This isn't Johannesburg after all... yet.

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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby babulio » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:46 pm

I have commented briefly before about this on 'spotted today'. I am not going to repeat myself here I hope.

I think there is a significant difference between a driver who wishes do draw attention to his car by exhibiting it at shows and one who uses it as everyday transport.
I fall into the second category. I do not pretend to understand the first - but would never think of doing anything to spoil their enjoyment of what they do.
I would hope that the car spotters could be aware of the difference between these two groups and moderate their behaviour accordingly.

It is true that privacy is now a fragile and precious thing in the UK, but people still need to travel by road and leave their vehicles in public places.
It should not be too taxing on the imagination to conceive of situations where people do not want unnecessary attention drawn to their vehicle. I am not referring to strip clubs, extra marital affairs or illegal activities. There are very good reasons - believe me. You may think these reasons are inconsequential, you may not really understand them, but people who require and appreciate a degree of anonymity as they go about their personal business deserve your respect nevertheless.

It's worth remembering that access to this forum is not restricted to the members - read access is granted to non registered users and if you look here:
...you will see that search engine bots also trawl the site bringing the content here to the attention of a very wide audience.

A car on the road is there to see just for the short duration of its journey. A record of it on here is going to be available for a lot longer.
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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby NMV 1E » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:37 pm

If I may say so I would echo a great extent of the previous posters (babulio) comments. They speak with a deep passion and asking accordingally for understanding. Interestingly (for this topic) I use one of my registrations as my user name here. It seemed like a good idea at the time ? Type it into the "Swansea machine" and see what comes out. I have used my "real" name before now and on one occasion, that of a Mr Albert Pierrepoint.That seemed also, a good idea at the time.

As for the "show ground" I'd be very tempted to use "show number plates" or invest in a roll of black Gaffer tape. However, as has already been explained and commented on going to a car show you have to expect images to be captured and further displayed. It was much easier when Kodak developed your films (or the Chemist) because those images stayed, as we know, within a small audience.

It is true that privacy is a cherished thing depending upon the individual, for the record I prefer babulio's "camp" and prefer to go about my daily business somewhat "covertly". This is also for the record why these days I prefer to drive a Korean manufactured vehicle. When was the last time someone took an image of a Hyundai Getz ? I could leave it all night with the windows open and the engine running only to find it, where I had previously left it, I think ? I've had my privacy invaded by someone pertaining to be an interested party in one of my V.W.'s parked innocently on the driveway in broad daylight .... NOT very pleasant.

What I'm going to say now might not sit too well with the Forum, but I feel that I ought to "put it out there" and afterwards "take the flack". I feel to some extent somehow, members of the XJ40 community feel whether or not the car / owner / driver is registered to the Forum and maybe signing up to being "promoted" they choose do do so anyway. In other words if an XJ40 is seen out there, it's somehow, automatically, part of the family ? Pardon me, but to some extent this may have come about through purely innocent enthusiasm and to be slightly more specific I'm thinking of the XJ40 Register. A grand and wonderful project, but like a sensus a tad invasive ? I'm going to close my remarks now before I get a little too controversial. I will conclude by adding this little nugget, for thought .... It was partially due to this Forum, its contents and contributors that took me on the "stepping stones" that lead me to reluctantly move away from the "Jaguar camp". As some of you will know on the other hand, I'm still very much a devotee of the XJ40 and wouldn't "mind" another, maybe not though. As I've said before, a bloody good car and ONE of the better Jaguars too.
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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby SovverBovver » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:13 pm

People who use their cars, going about their business, expect to be left alone and not have pictures of their car, with their details on, and possibly pictures of them inside it, made available to everybody on the planet who owns a computer with internet connection (maybe forever). Whilst people posting "spotted today" pictures may not care one bit if their details are treated in such a manner, it is not fair play to record someone elses details (a picture of their number plate) and assume that the person to whom those details belong will be happy for those details to be put on the internet. Displaying a car at a car show is an entirely different matter because the event is a "show" put on for people's entertainment in which it is natural to expect people to take pictures recording what they saw.

The previous poster (NMV 1E) has provided evidence to demonstrate that this behaviour has put people off from being part of the XJ40.com community and is putting people off owning the cars. This runs counter to the purpose of XJ40.com which is a community to promote the vehicles amongst a group of like minded people. Persisting in behaviour which others find off putting will not help our club.
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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby j_r » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:08 pm

Hi All,
Just thought Id jump in before things escalate and give you my opinion.
Years ago no one would have given our cars a second look, they were just “Old Jags”.
Time has passed and the cars have become rarer and if I say so myself they have bettered with age.
Given that most people carry a gadget with them that contains a camera it is inevitable that when they see something that they perceive as special they will take pic and post to the internet.
In an ideal word you and I would expect people to ask before snapping away but in the real world this isn’t going to happen in our click and post society.
As our cars get older/ rarer then I’m afraid this is something we have to put up with.
My own opinion is that I don’t mind, if people want to take a picture of my cars then fine.
We cant control the entire internet and all I can suggest is if you do find a picture of your car on our pages that you are not happy with then politely contact the poster via PM(ensuring you copy me in).
Ask them to either remove the picture or obscure no plate etc.
As always if you have any concerns you can always email me.
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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby nlcrane » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:30 pm

I honestly have no problem with having a photograph of my motor appear on the web, phone cameras are here to stay and it is virtually impossible to control their use / misuse.
Having said that, I have just finished watching the video taken on the plane that had just lost its port engine and in doing so, due to the instantaneous pressure loss, a female passenger had been sucked through a broken window. Fellow passengers on the plane, wearing breathing masks and, honestly thinking that their final hour had come, had hastily “intuitively“ clicked on their smart phones and were happily filming what they believed to be their impending doom, Kinda scary thought eh?
Same thing happened too, when in OZ a marathon runner, evidently in distress, collapsed close to the end of the race…….everyone filmed it but no one helped him, where in hell are we going?

Smart phones for dumb people methinks.

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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby babulio » Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:19 pm

...whether certain forum members would or would not be happy to see their cars identified on the forum is a bit of a distraction perhaps - as j_r says - that can be sorted out.

I think the bigger part of the question is:

Is it okay to publish details / photos / locations of non-members' cars on here - identifiable by their reg numbers?

Pro-tip - No it really isn't.

nlcrane wrote:...where in hell are we going?

Smart phones for dumb people methinks...!

...you may be right about the smartphones: I think they can make dumb people.
Where are we going indeed? I suspect it will involve some sort of a handcart - they are developing it now.
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Re: Number Plate Photos

Postby naki_k » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:35 pm

In think as JR says, posting pictures is very much a big part of the internet, especially on all forms of social media.
Not just of cars, but plane crashes, and pretty much anything someone decides.
It is the Wild West to a certain degree, but that’s the net for you.
I don’t think members can be blamed for doing the same on here, as happens on every other social media platform. And I don’t think the forum can go on a moral crusade either, to show the entire internet that it’s all wrong, and we are right.
I think JR’s suggestions is the most sensible way to proceed to “try and keep everyone happy”.
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