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Heater Fix Contined by AussieXJ40

How to do all those tricky XJ40 repairs
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Heater Fix Contined by AussieXJ40

Postby j_r » Sun May 12, 2013 4:52 pm

Hello all. I've spent the entire day in the shed playing with the Jag, much to my wife's delight. There's about 150' between the shed and the house and it's been raining all day. so it's been pretty free of wife/child interruptions. You may recall that I posted a few weeks ago about problems with my heater matrix and with ventilation airflow. Today I fixed the lot! This photo shows how far the car was stripped:Image
A bit scary for a bloke who's used to working on vehicles no more complicated than my old kombivan:Image
I pulled the heater matrix out last weekend. I had a local radiator bloke solder it up and it cost me 50 bucks. He threw in a couple of o-rings which seem to fit. I did a fair bit of research on Jaglovers and cut-and-pasted the forum articles about my airflow problem, and how to pull the dash out. The problem with the airflow was that I wasn't getting any air through the centre vents, and the screen was getting air all the time. This was particularly annoying because I run the A/C all the time, and the cold air was causing the windsceen to fog on the outside. Anyway, pulling the centre vents out revealed this: Image Even to my eye something looked amiss! Now, this little gadget is some sort of vacuum sucky unit. It has a bloody great return spring in it, and it seems the force of the spring has popped the clips that hold the unit together. I thought about super gluing it back together, but was worried I'd bung it asll up and root it forever. My wife wandered out and suggested I tie it together - which I did! Using a hose clamp and about 8 cable ties, the whole thing went back in one piece:Image The other problem I identified (thanks to the forums) was a common XJ40 fault - the innnermost plastic pins on the demist flaps had broken off, due to the large amount of force exerted on them by the vacuum switches. So, I drilled the plugs out, and glued in a couple of bits of old drill bit. This shows the drill hole:Image and this shows my bodge:Image
This process took all day. At about 5pm, I reconnected the battery and started the car which took a fair while due I suppose to the month off the road and damp air. Any way, she fired up - and it all works! I am stoked. Air thought the centre vents. no air through the demist unless I ask for it! Tomorrow, rain or shine, we're going for a drive.
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